Report from Kerala

The Kerala State Advisory Committee of the National Programme for Human Rights Education in Schools met on February 28 2010 in Park Rajadhani, Ulloor.

The major objectives of the meeting were:

1)      To review the status of HRE programme in Kerala organised by the Institute of Human Rights Education (IHRE) and SICHREM.

2)     To discuss the problem of huge expense incurred in the production and distribution of modules in the schools

3)     To  discuss the option of roping in volunteers from the vicinity of the schools for the schools visits considering the number and geographical distribution of the schools (this is based on the presumption that it is very difficult manage the school visits by the coordinators alone).

4)     To discuss various ways to strengthen the HRE programme in Kerala.

5)     To discuss any other matter relevant to the HRE programme Kerala.

Click to read the Narrative report feb 2010.

Mr Ashok Mathews Philip, Executive Director of SICHREM, giving the welcome speech.

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