SICHREM’s District Human Rights Centres

One of SICHREM’s longest running programmes is its District Human Rights Centres (DHRC). First established in 2000, with the support of KZE-Misereor, this programme is a significant achievement of SICHREM.  SICHREM operates a Human Rights Centre in the following five districts of Karnataka – Hassam, Mysore, Kolar, Kodagu and Haveri (the last two districts were added this year).  These DHRCs have facilitated better access to people in the rural areas and as a result of the DHRCs, SICHREM has been able to expose and intervene in many cases of human rights violations.

In each of the five districts, there is a full-time coordinator and part-time advocate.  The coordinator undertakes fact findings and human rights trainings for students, teachers and advocates, while the advocate runs the daily human rights helpline (Monday – Friday, 2 hours each day) and carries out legal interventions.

Each coordinator works closely with Nirmal Das, the District Programme Coordinator and Manohar R, Head of Programmes, in Bangalore.

Nirmal Das, District Human Rights Centre Coordinator.

Manohar R, Head of Programmes, in Bangalore.

The SICHREM team, including each of the five district coordinators and advocates at a recent Human Rights Refresher Course in Bangalore.

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