Inauguration of SICHREM’s Kodagu HR district centre

On Sunday 18 April, SICHREM held the inauguration ceremony of its fifth district human rights centre in Somwarpet, Kodagu.  The guest of honour was District Judge (Kodagu District) Sri Ashok Nijagannawar.

The Coorg district human rights centre will conduct fact findings into human rights atrocities, run a daily legal helpline where individuals can call and speak to an advocate and carry out human rights education programmes.  Each month, the Coorg centre will hold a press release where they will inform the public about the helpline and upcoming programmes/events.

The Coorg centre shall be run by the Coorg District HR Coordinator, S.R. Vasantha.  The advocate working at the Coorg Centre is Advocate Vittala.

Below are the contact details for the Coorg district human rights centre:

  • 9448585586 (Vasantha)
  • Krupal Complex, #2, Anjaney Temple Road, Somwarpet, 571236.

(From left to right): Sri Nagesh Mogera (Senior Civil Judge), Mr Siddaraju (State Secretary of NCDHR), Sri Ashok Nijagannawar (District Judge (Kodagu District)), Mr Mathews Philips (SICHREM), and Sri Sunil Kumar (President of Press Club).

Advocate Vittala with District Judge (Kodagu District) Sri Ashok Nijagannawar.

Coorg Coordinator, Vasantha.

The inauguration ceremony was well attended by interested locals and local human rights activists.

Mr Mathews Philip, Executive Director of SICHREM.

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