Complaint to SHRC regarding death of Dalit woman and negligence by police

SICHREM have filed a complaint with the SHRC with regards to the death of Honama, a Dalit woman in Tumkur district.

Honamma was a local activist and was involved in a quarrel regarding the laying of drains. After the quarrel the police arrested her and sent her to judicial custody. Upon her release on bail, the quarrel resumed. The events that followed led her to fall into a drain and be stoned to death by a group of around 10-15. Her body was dragged out of the well and dumped at Gopalapura Bus Station.

So far 9 people have been arrested. The case involves a total of 27 people. 

Honamma’s son has been given a government job and her kin will receive Rs 2 lakh compensation.  

There is news of  an announcement  of the suspension of Police Inspector A. Krishna Naik for dereliction of duty. This is in addition to the suspension of two other officers. These suspensions serve as proof as to police negligence.

We have asked for a thorough investigation into the matter and will send our own fact-finding team to investigate.

To read our complaint: comp of Honamma is murderTUM July 1[1]

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