I don’t want your teacher’s day gift

Nursery teacher refuses to take little Mathew’s present because the boy’s parents object to the beating she gave him in school

This is one lesson three-year-old T Mathew could have done without on Teacher’s Day.
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Mathew’s parents had thought the dispute with the school was settled after their visit to the police station

His teacher Anushka Prasad at Rinku Nursery school in Frazer Town did not accept the little boy’s Teacher’s Day present — but received the gifts of all his classmates — because his parents complained against her and the nursery principal Mrs Madhav after the teacher allegedly beat their son with a scale and slapped him for not colouring a picture properly.

Teacher’s Day celebration at the pre-nursery was advanced to Friday as the nursery is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Mathew’s mother Saraswathi bought a pen and gift-wrapped it for the little boy to give it as a present to his teacher.

However, Mathew’s teacher Anushka Prasad reportedly accepted the presents of all students except his. She allegedly told him that she was not taking the gift as his parents had complained against the school principal.

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