Ashok Mathews Philip appointed as NCPCR State Representative.

Ashok Mathews Philip appointed as NCPCR State Representative.

 The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has appointed Ashok Mathews Philip, Executive Director of SICHREM as the representative of Karnataka to assist the Commission with its work as under the mandate of the Right to Education Act.

As state representative, Mathews Philip is mandated to conduct spot enquiries in response to complaints on the violations of the provisions of RTE and recommend appropriate action to NCPCR .He is also expected to coordinate a coalition of civil society groups working on the RTE, thus setting up a programme of advocacy and awareness generation amongst these groups. Mechanisms for holding ‘Shiksha Samvads’ between the government and the civil society groups will be put in place on a quarterly basis.

Under the realm of the RTE, children who have never been enrolled, dropped out or temporarily absent will be monitored including migrants ( permanent and seasonal) as well as homeless children and children in observation homes. Also, children who already have admission in schools will be monitored such that the requisite classrooms are provided, appropriate instructions are given, adequate teachers are present and the infrastructure is up to the mark. There will be a continuous and comprehensive evaluation to ensure that the prescribed system of education is followed and there is adherence to constitutional values. For private schools, however, reservation shall be provided for students hailing from Weaker Sections and Disadvantaged Groups in proportion with aid. A grievance redressal system is also proposed such that complaints can be registered and redressed.

Ashok Mathews Philip can be contacted at

One Response to Ashok Mathews Philip appointed as NCPCR State Representative.

  1. Jyothi says:

    congratulations sir for being appointed at the NCPCR State Representative.

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