Human Rights Mobile Legal Clinic at Peenya I st Stage, Bangalore

June 30, 2011

In cooperation with CDC- World Vision, SICHREM conducted a Human Rights Mobile Legal Clinic in Peenya 1st stage on June 14, 2011. 30 women, members of World Vision Self Help Groups, most of them migrant labourers from Gulbarga attended the clinic and received free legal advice from Advocate Manohar H and Advocate Mercy of SICHREM.

10 cases have received advice by the advocates: two child marriage cases, two domestic violence cases, three property matters, one labour case and one accident case.

SICHREM in the TCS World 10K 2011

June 30, 2011

“Running for JUSTICE- Winning SMILES” was our motivation to finish the TCS World 10K Run in Bangalore.

Friends, Supporters and the SICHREM- Staff put on their running shoes on the June 5, 2011 and READY, STEADY, GO started the event with big noise and enthusiasm! We thank all the 50 participants for their support and fellowship!

We also give special thanks to all those who were generous enough to sponsor our runners; the whole total raised will be announced on the blog next week. Your donations will be invaluable in helping SICHREM pursue its quest to make human rights a household concept!

Thanks again! We hope to see you again next year running for justice in the WORLD 10K Run 2012!


SICHREM gave a unique performance in its costumes

SICHREMS Running Team

Protest against use of Endosulfan

June 30, 2011

“Ban, ban, Endosulfan!” , the participants were chanting at the protest against the usage of Endosulfan on June 5, 2011 in front of Town Hall, with drums and dances over a hundred protestors were attracting big attention from the public. It was organised by the Peoples Solidarity Concerns of which SICHREM is a member, along with the New Socialist Alternate, Moving Republic, Visual Search, ACMI and ISI.

The protest was a follow up to a month long campaign and a daylong conference at which victims, activists and local groups raised their voice against the usage of Endosulfan. For a month beforehand the public of Karnataka could see the damage caused by Endosulfan in a photography exhibition held in the districts of Kodagu, Mysore, Uttra Kanada and the same was hosted at Rex Theatre in Bangalore.

Endosulfan is used as a pesticide in agriculture and can cause severe health impacts such as deformities in limbs, loss of motor nervous control, brain damage and cancer. Worldwide 74 countries have already banned Endosulfan.

The Peoples Solidarity Concerns and SICHREM demand:

1. A permanent and immediate ban on Endosulfan all over the country.

2. Proper relief, rehabilitation and compensation to the survivors of Endosulfan.

3. Severe action including criminal prosecution of the corporates, central and state government authorities who were responsible for causing and continuing to cause irreversible health disaster on  the victims and their families

For more information on Endosulfan click here:

Information on Endosulfan


International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

June 23, 2011

South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring (SICHREM)


National Alliance on Testimonial Therapy(NATT),

Centre for Social Concern, National Service Scheme,

Christian Students Association of St.Joseph’s College,

Cordially invite  you on the eve of  the Commemoration of,

International Day in Support of

Victims of Torture.

Date : 25th June 2011 (Saturday)


Led by Fr Daniel Fernandes, Principal, St Joseph’s College & Mathews Philip, Executive Director, SICHREM

Starting from St.Joseph’s Arts and Science College will pass via Lalbagh Road passing in front of Kanteerva Stadium, Corporation offices J.C.Road and will conclude at the steps of the Town Hall .


“Join the struggle to stop torture and establish rule of law”

Deputy Superintendent of Police (Corps of Detectives) visits SICHREM

June 18, 2011

On 18th March 2011   a complaint was filed by R.Manohar, Head – Programs with Mr. S.T.Ramesh the DG and IGP regarding the mysterious death of Harish, 24-year-old barman in Bangalore.

This complaint is filed with regards to a newspaper item published in the English daily, DNA – 4/1/2011 in which the paper had stated that, one  Harish, 24-year-old bartender, native of Mallahalli in Hassan district’s Channarayapatna taluk died due to a fatal fall on being chased by police.

The deceased Harish’s parents had stated that, the police had chased him on Sunday night and he suffered a fall while trying to evade arrest, but the police deny the allegation and said the man, slipped and fell off the third floor of the bar on Inner Ring Road in Domlur and claimed that he was drunk.

The death has given rise to many suspicions on the handling of the case and the response of the police; hence, a complaint was filed seeking a detailed enquiry into the whole matter and an investigation to look into the exact cause of the death and the role of the police.

The DG and IGP has forwarded the complaint to the DSP the COD and asked to enquire into the case.

On 16th June 2011, The DSP Mrs. Andal visited SICHERM and recorded the statement of the complainant

CACL-K stages protest dharna in front of the Women and Child Department

June 16, 2011

June 8, 2011: Activists of the Campaign against Child Labour staged a protest dharna at the offices of the directorate of Women and Child Development, in purview of the large scale corruption and fund misappropriation in the Integrated Child Development Scheme. At 11.00 am, activists descended upon the WCD office chanting slogans that literally rattled the premises. The dharna was aimed at ‘naming and shaming’ the Director and the Joint director whose long slumber has affected the lives of thousands of children in our state. The ICDS scheme was instituted to propagate the idea of providing freshly cooked food for children in Anganwadis but the irresponsible and corrupt Director and Joint Director have ensured that the children get expired packed food that in the simplest term can be described as “inedible for human consumption”. The government has violated all the orders of the Supreme Court in this regard. The activists suspect the hands of all top officials in this corruption.

Midway into the protest CACL-K convenor, Mr Mathews Philip, Members, Mr Nagasimha Rao, Ms Kanchana and Ms Reshmi were accompanied by the Police to meet the Honourable Minister of Women and Child Welfare, Mr J S Patil. A memorandum was submitted asking for terminating the corrupt officials along with other requests for improving the quality of food for children.

SICHREM hosts the Advocacy unit of the CACL-K.

SICHREM forwards petition requesting pardoning of Sarabjit Singh

June 9, 2011


His Excellency, Asif Ali Zardari

President of the Islamic

Republic of Pakistan


Your Excellency,

Sub: Requesting for Pardoning Sarabjit Singh.

We are filing this petition on behalf of Mr.Sarabjit Singh. The information given below are purely based on the media reports and kindly forgive us if any of those is false. We understand from the media that Mr.Sarabjit Singh, is now in Kot Lakhpat Jail. He is now sentenced to death by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Mr.Sarabjit Singh was arrested by the Pakistan Rangers in August 28, 1990. Mr.Sarabjit Singh had inadvertently crossed over to Pakistan, wherein he was nabbed by the Pakistan Rangers and later tried for a series of bomb blasts in which the accused’s name was one ‘Manjit Singh’.

The Court papers show that the case is against one ‘Manjit Singh’. Mr.Sarabjit Singh firmly maintains that he has never been known by the name ‘Manjit Singh’. All of his official documents in India refer to him as ‘Sarabjit Singh’. This case seems to be a case of mistaken identity. Identity was never verified in the original trial.Mr.Sarabjit Singh is a farmer from Bikhiwind village at Amritsar. He has a wife, two children and a sister.He crossed the Indo Pak international border when there was no fencing in the year 1990.

Mr.Sarabjit Singh’s trial was in English; Mr.Sarabjit Singh does not speak or understand English. His main language is Punjabi. An interpreter was not provided.Mr.Sarabjit Singh was beaten up and tortured upon his arrest and forced to sign a confession.

The Pakistani authorities failed to report with immediate effect the arrest of Mr.Sarabjit Singh to the Indian Consulate. He was denied his right to seek independent legal advice. This is a blatant breach of Article 36 of the Vienna convention as well as many international laws on human rights promulgated by the United Nations.

Therefore we pray for pardoning Mr.Sarabjit Singh. We are earnestly requesting you to kindly declare a stay on his execution and conduct a fair trial.

Thanking you,

Sincerely Yours,

Ashok Mathews Philip

Executive Director


Cc to

1.      High Commissioner of Pakistan in India.

2.      High Commissioner of  India in Pakistan

3.      Minister of External Affairs, Govt of India.



Mr Mathews Philip and Mr R Manohar at a meeting to discuss the UN Panel report on the genocide and war crimes by the Sri Lankan Govt.

June 3, 2011

Mr Mathews Philip, Executive Director of SICHREM and R Manohar, Head Programs participated in a meeting of Human Rights Activists from Southern States on 2nd June 2011. The meeting was to discuss the UN Panel report on the genocide and war crimes by the Sri Lankan Govt. The meeting also initiated a forum to campaign for prosecution of the guilty of human rights violation.

Mr Mathews, Executive Director of SICHREM seen speaking at the meeting.

SICHREM’s response to NHRC with reference to a torture closed by them.

June 3, 2011


Letter sent by SICHREM to SHRC with regard to Abdul Nasar Maudani.

June 3, 2011