Letter to support 25% reservation for poor children in private schools

July 5, 2011

As part of its continuing support for the right to free and compulsory education for all children SICHREM has written to the Supreme Court of India. This is in support of the 25% reservation at private schools for children of poorer families. This cornerstone of the Right to Education Act 2009 is being challenged in the courts, by private schools.

A key part of the fundamental right to education must be to allow state-funded poorer students to attend private schools which would otherwise be closed to them. This reservation therfore must remain. SICHREM has sent this letter in support of retaining the reservation in order that our concerns can be noted by the Supreme Court of India.

Download the letter here: Letter to support reservation

Students visit SICHREM for an orientation

July 5, 2011

On July 1, 2011 SICHREM conducted an orientation with regards to its structure and work for the students of MSW (Master of Social Work), St. Josephs College. Twenty one students from the college visited the SICHREM office, as well as two students from Bangalore University.

The orientation led by SICHREM’s Program Head Mr. R. Manohar, served to introduce the students to SICHREM’s work; in order to give them an inside view of how a Human Rights organisation operates, the challenges it faces and the impact it can bring. In doing so they learnt about SICHREM’s mission, programs, objectives and organisational approach towards protecting Human Rights.

Topics of discussions included police corruption and torture, as well as the rights of women, children, dalits and tribal minorities.

International Day in Support of Torture Victims

July 5, 2011

On Saturday June 25, 2011 over 100 students and human rights activists in Bangalore raised their voice against torture and pledged solidarity with torture victims all over the world, to highlight the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (26th June).

With the words “Stamp out torture, kick out torture!” Mr. Mathews Philip, Executive Director of SICHREM started the walk against torture. In the march from St. Josephs Arts and Science College to the Town Hall, the demonstrators stressed that torture can never be justified. To show that there is hope for torture victims, all the participants assembled for a candle light vigil at the end of the march and pledged solidarity.

Motivating more people to stand up against torture, students of St Josephs College showed what torture is, the effects and the forms it can take through a mime show and a film screening at the Campus the day before the march (June 24, 2011). We have the power to make a difference”, said JS Gladson, President of NSS.

The programs were jointly organised by SICHREM, NATT (National Alliance for Testimonial Therapy) and St. Josephs College (NSS, CSA, CSC)

All over Karnataka SICHREMs Human Rights Centers in the Districts of Mysore, Hassan, Haveri, Kolar and Kodagu organized rallies, protest marches and candle light vigils to call attention to torture victims.

SICHREM thanks all the participants for coming together to show solidarity with torture victims in India and worldwide.

Her you can download the pledge: Pledge against torture

For more information on the Mime show click here: http://sjcbangalore.blogspot.com/2011/06/sjc-pledges-support-for-victims-of.html