Complaint of Dinesh’s torture by Head Constable Siddalingiah of Subramanyapura Police Station.

The Member

Karnataka State Human Rights Commission

4th Floor, 5th Phase, M.S.Building,

Bangalore- 560001


Dear Madam/Sir

The English dailies, The Hindu and DNA, in their columns dated 23rd May 2013; report that, A police head constable has been booked on charges of beating up a 38-year-old private firm employee in Subramanyapura on Tuesday, after the victim demanded a receipt for a fine for smoking in public.

Dinesh, a resident of Gowdarapalya, was outside Uttar Karnataka Military Hotel smoking while waiting for a food parcel, when night beat head constable,Siddalingaiah,told him that he violated a rule by smoking in public and  demanded he pay Rs. 200, which he agreed to and demanded a receipt. Siddalingaiah refused to give the receipt, which led to a heated argument and Siddalingaiah beat up Dinesh black and blue while other customers and hotel staff watched in horror.

Dinesh, undergoing treatment in a private hospital, has sustained serious injuries, had to have 25 stitches on his face because of the repeated punches. On Wednesday, a complaint has been lodged at the Subramanyapura station and Siddalingaiah has been absconding after the severe assault.

The Subramanyapura police claim that Dinesh was found standing in a group outside the hotel smoking and was asked to leave the place but had refused leading to a fight between the duo and they also allege that he was drunk. Further, the  Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) H.S. Revanna is said to have stated that no one came and complained to him but after he came to know of the incident, he has asked the Police Inspector to conduct an enquiry and file a report for further action to be taken.

We file this complaint with a hope that a detailed enquiry into the whole matter is initiated;

1.    To look into the assault and torture of Dinesh,

2.    Why did the Head Constable refuse to issue a receipt for the fine?

3.    Why was the station or control room not informed of the creating of nuisance at that hour?

4.    Whether a medical test was done to ascertain if he was under the influence of alcohol?

5.    If there are eye-witness to conclude that there were drunk and were creating nuisance?

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,


Head – Programs

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