Complaint of Lalith Kumar’s harassment and assault driving him to commit suicide by the police personnel of Talaghattapura Police Station.

Dated: 4th June 2013



Additional Director General of Police,(ADGP)

Grievances and Human Rights,

Office of DG & IG of Police



Dear Sir,

Subject: Complaint of Lalith Kumar’s harassment and assault driving him to commit suicide by the police personnel of Talaghattapura Police Station.

The Bangalore Mirror dated Monday, June 03, 2013 reports that, V Lalith Kumar, a student of Silicon City Educational Academy Pre-University College near Konanakunte, ended his life last Tuesday by hanging from the ceiling of his house in JP Nagar, Phase VII around 4 pm. Earlier in the day, he was allegedly beaten up by Talaghattapura cops at a playground near his house. Later, a crime constable allegedly met Lalith at his house and threatened to arrest him. His mother was at home, father was away at work.

Lalith’s family is scared of the consequences of accusing the police of driving Lalith to commit suicide. The Ramanagaram SP, Ida Martin Marbaniang, has said that in February, Lalith’s friend Sushma had committed suicide and he was accused of abetting her suicide and her parents had registered a case against him and to inquire about the case crime constable Shravan Kumar had visited.

A relative has questioned, that even if a crime had been committed, police had no right to threaten him or beat him and also as he is a minor, they should have informed his family about the complaint and further stated that they abused their power against the boy. 

We file this complaint with a hope that a detailed enquiry into the whole matter is initiated;

  1. To look into the assault of Lalith Kumar resulting in the suicide,
  2. To immediately call for the suspension of the concerned officials pending enquiry.
  3. To also order for police protection to Lalith and family, so that there is no backlash from the policemen on whom allegations are being made.

Note: The undersigned has contacted Lalith’s family for a fact finding mission for recording the statements, the report would be filed with your good offices shortly.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,                                                                                                                      


Head – Programs


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