‘Mere transfer not a deterrent for Criminal Acts’.

Letter to the Editor by Mr. Mathews Philip, Executive Director, SICHREM.


Appropos “Police as rogues,recipe for disaster”(DH Jan 8),it is a fact that there are people with criminal tendencies in the police.There are many reasons for it.The recruitment process is lacking sufficient psychological tests to assess such tendencies. There is no systematic,professional and periodic evaluation of the behavior after appointment. Departmental action is very often a transfer or suspension and those are not very deterrent punishments.It is found that the guilty comes back to the same station after a few months or the suspension is revoked very often with a promotion!There is a tendency to protect the lawbreakers in the uniform by the top brass.There could be political interference and corruption for this to happen.Also there is lack of will on the part of the state to strengthen the hands of statutory mechanisms such as State security Commission,SHRC,and the Police Complaints authorities.

Mathews Philip.


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