SICHREM is a civil society initiative working for the protection, promotion and restoration of Human Rights since 1995 in South India. It was founded by concerned citizens, who were involved with the civil liberties movement earlier, as an answer to the growing insensitivity to the supremacy of the rule of law. The founders reckoned that the best remedy for building a responsible civil society would be through a process of education, sensitization and intervention.

The vision is to create a fear less society where the rights of each human being will be respected and disempowered groups like Dalits, tribals, women, children and minorities are able to protect their individual and collective rights for a dignified life. SICHREM hopes to make human rights a household concept by adopting a proactive stance on the restoration of rights and by advocating a rights-based value system. Rooted in the classical concept of civil and political liberties and maintaining a pro-poor, gender-sensitive and pro-child stance, SICHREM believes that the domain of human rights extends to all realms of the society to embrace social, cultural, economic, civil and political rights.


  • Human Rights education for students, activists, NGO staff, Government officials, and the larger public.
  • Monitoring the status of Human Rights in South India continuously and documenting the same.
  • Undertake advocacy for the victims of Human Rights violations and obtain justice for them.
  • Campaigning and lobbying on regional, national and international policy matters on Human Rights and on reforms in Law and implementation of UN Conventions and Treaties on Human Rights.
  • Maintain a Documentation Centre and disseminate information and other support services to Human Rights groups and activists.
  • Conduct fact-finding on incidents of Human Rights violations and take follow-up action.
  • Support the struggles for justice and the right to livelihood by people’s organizations of underprivileged sections and minorities.
  • Network with Human Rights groups and activists and explore areas of mutual support and common action.

Core Activities of SICHREM

Human Rights Education through diploma courses for more than two thousand college students spread around 15 colleges in Bangalore and through workshops and teaching seminars for young professionals, NGOs, human-rights-defenders. We are also organizing Trainers Training for College and University teachers in Human Rights Education. Human Right Education programs are maintained in 123 schools of Bangalore Urban & Rural and in 55 schools in Kerala in partnership with the Institute for Human Rights Education.

Monitoring of Right to Education Act in Andhra and Karnataka: SICHREM was actively involved in the campaign for free and compulsory education through the network “Campaign Against Child Labour”, that has succeeded in the law “Right To Free and Compulsory Education”, that came into operation in 2010. SICHREM is monitoring the implementation of this law,  is engaged to achieve necessary improvements to it and is working on fact-finding and preventing of violations of the RTE, as well as operating the project “Ensuring Children in Southern States of India the Fundamental Right to Education through Enforcement of RTE”.

Monitoring Human Rights – Fact Findings and Interventions: Monitoring of HR violations by a carefully researched and documented process involving fact-findings followed by initiating redressal measures, especially with the help of quasi-judicial agencies such as the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission and National Human Rights Commission.

Advocacy, Campaign and Lobbying for the repeal and reformulation of laws that are repressive in nature and violative of human rights. Public hearings, state and advocacy campaigns, critical analysis of existing statutes, mass signature campaigns, colloquia and interfacing with elected representatives in relation to various human rights issues. One of the important national level campaigns SICHREM has been leading is the “National Campaign for the Prevention of Torture”.

District Human Rights Centers have been constituted in five districts of the State of Karnataka. They are hosted by voluntary organizations functioning in each of the district headquarters and work in the field of human rights monitoring and advocacy on the local level. The work done by the Bangalore office is replicated and it has been able to achieve justice in human rights violation cases and to prevent various rights violations.

Mobile Legal Clinics are conducted regularly once a month in the slums in Bangalore Urban with the objective of offering free legal advice by a team of three advocates, two of them women, specifically on human rights issues. Every clinic attracts an average of 50 participants and about 15 to 20 cases.

The Documentation Centre of SICHREM has a well-catalogued wealth of information covering a wide range of human rights abuses, their remedies, legislations, judgments, protocols and covenants. Other social activists, especially for documentation on women’s rights, Dalit rights and child rights and also the media often use the Centre and it is also helpful in analyzing the status of human rights in the state and in advocacy efforts.

Human Rights HelpLine: The larger public has access to seek legal assistance through SICHREM’s help line that is available on all weekday afternoons. A volunteer lawyer offers free legal counseling on matters of human rights, oftentimes referring the matter to appropriate authorities or other lawyers for follow-up. Human Rights Helpline numbers are: +91-80-25473922; +91-80-25492856.

Childline: As a collaborator with Childline India Foundation (CIF), SICHREM is acting as the parent organization for setting up, managing and monitoring the CHILDLINE 1098 service in Kolar district of Karnataka. It is a 24 hour free emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection.


  • A pioneering human rights group
  • Uncompromising in its position on the supremacy of the rule of law
  • Run entirely with the help of volunteers
  • Solely dependent on voluntary contributions from well-wishers

SICHREM invites you to join hands in the fight against injustice and violation of human rights!

You can support our activities by

  • Becoming a human rights defender
  • Contribute voluntary time and skill
  • Spreading the message of human rights
  • Help us financially to realize our ambitions
(South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring)
Anjanappa Complex 1/F, 35
Hennur Main Road, Lingarajapuram
Bangalore 560 084
Telefax: 080-25473922/25492856
E-mail: contact@sichrem.org ; msichrem@gmail.com
Website: www.sichrem.org ; Blog:https://sichrem.wordpress.com
All material on this blog (unless noted) is SICHREM’s copyright.  Please do not use anything from this blog – photos or text – without SICHREM’s permission.

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  1. Jyothi says:

    Hi! I went through this blog, it seems very interesting and with a lot of content. I think if could add a few more activities for the last six months then it would give the viewer a complete picture of the organisation.

  2. Ashwin says:

    This website looks impressive and well structured.
    There are lot of images with well Categorized View, which makes a common person to go through without any hassle.

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