Bangalore TCS 10K Marathon 2013

May 20, 2013

SICHREM Group Photo – II



SICHREM Group Photo – III


Bangalore TCS 10K Marathon 2013

May 20, 2013

Bangalore TCS 10K Marathon 2013

Group photo – SICHREM Team

Platform for alleviating social problems.

May 20, 2013

The thrill of finishing a race, the fierce competition in organised sport — these are some of the reasons why many participate in the TCS World 10K run.

For others, the stakes are higher. Disabilities, human rights abuse, and other issues are usually swept under the carpet, but this international event serves as a platform for the masses to understand — as well as help alleviate — the problem.

SICHREM, an NGO which strives for human rights education, aimed to bring about greater awareness by taking part in the race.

“We want to raise funds for the victims of human rights violations. One of the issues we deal with is domestic violence against women, which is punishable by law, but not enforced often,” says Chitra Ranganada, fund raising co-ordinator of SICHREM.

The funds raised will be channelled to SICHREM’s clinics in slums, which seeks to educate women about their basic rights, and how to tackle cases of domestic violence. Most women in these areas do not know that the law is on their side, says Ms. Ranganada.

SICHREM hopes to collect Rs. 5 lakh through its entry in the TCS World 10K, and has realised Rs. 1.2 lakh so far. ‘Dream A Dream’, an NGO with the mission to impart life skills to children from vulnerable backgrounds, uses an unique method to reach the goal.

The NGO uses sport and art to teach children these lessons, which cannot be found in the regular curriculum of a school.

“We have after-school programmes with government-aided schools, where life skills such as decision-making and conflict-resolution are taught. Through sport, we use experimental mediums to simulate situations that these children will face in life. Then, through discussion, the students learn the best ways to tackle these types of scenarios,” says Suchetha Bhat, Chief Operating Officer, ‘Dream A Dream’.

The cheers from many of the beneficiaries of these NGOs, when their parade passed, is proof that this race is more than just that.

Source: The Hindu, May 20, 2013


April 27, 2013
India has faced many human rights problems as sati, untouchability, crimes against the backward classes, crimes against women, children in the past. Though India has been able to counter some problems effectively, however we still live in an array of human rights violations. According to the National Human Rights Commission, the numbers of complaints received in the commission were 7538, with around 25430 cases under consideration with the commission. Excluding this there are other cases which are unable to be mainstreamed due to threats from the oppressor, unawareness etc. That is where human rights agencies like SICHREM work to churn out these cases through their networks and ground presence. They facilitate action against violations and also provide to raise awareness among the schools, professionals.
This raises a question that with this amount of substantial work, why they are facing difficulties to raise funds. Is it because of their very nature of their work?
SICHREM or South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring has been active in Bangalore from 1995 and able to provide justice on an extensive scale. The funds raised in the previous World 10k were able to help 400 schools participate in their ‘Human rights education programmes’. These programmes also reached 3000 professionals, including teachers, police, and doctors. They were also able to organize legal clinics and support their legal helpline.
The Legal helpline is solely supported by SICHREM and works as a mediator to provide oppressed person to provide space to tell their grievances. 75% of the funds were used for the helpline which helped to support almost 200 cases in the year.
Are we ready to support Human right agencies to continue their work or let them perish even with credentials of immense value?
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Join SICHREM in Bangalore 10 K Marathon 2013 !

March 28, 2013

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Run with SICHREM for Justice and Equality

March 13, 2012


SICHREM in TCS World 10K Marathon 2012

February 29, 2012

SICHREM undertakes fundraising campaigns throughout the year in various ways. As part of the fundraising efforts, SICHREM as every year, is participating in the “TCS World 10K International Run ”.

We need your support and helping hands to join us in the efforts for promoting human rights and justice, by way of sponsoring our participation in the TCS World 10K Marathon 2012.

Follow the link:

SICHREM complete the Bangalore Marathon. Well done to all those involved.

May 24, 2010

Our 76 runners braved the scorching temperatures yesterday afternoon to complete the Bangalore marathon. We thank each participant for giving up their time for the cause. It was a hugely enjoyable day and we hope that SICHREM’s presence at the event helped spread its message.

We also give special thanks to all those who were generous enough to sponsor our runners. Your donations will be invaluable in helping SICHREM pursue its quest of helping those who are disempowered and making human rights a household concept.

Many NGO’s took part, but we hope that our inventive costumes and boundless enthusiasm made us stand out:

Some of our runners promoting SICHREM in typically colourful style

SICHREM runners enjoy their day out

Spreading the message of human rights

Many thanks to our I care champion Mr Louis Paulose

May 14, 2010


We at SICHREM are hugely grateful to Mr Louis Paulose who has pledged Rs 10000/- for our efforts in the Sunfeast Bangalore Marathon on Sunday 23 May.

Because of his considerable generosity, he is our I Care champion. This title only belongs to people who pledge considerable amounts and Mr Louis is certainly deserving of it.

We thank him for his altruism and hope that others are inspired by his example and also donate to SICHREM.

Mr Louis Paulose: I Care Champion

SICHREM runs the Bangalore Marathon

May 14, 2010


The Bangalore Sunfeast Marathon is fast approaching. On May 23rd one brave volunteer, from France, is planning on running in order to raise funds for SICHREM.

You can sponsor Celine’s efforts by following the link below:

Any donation given will make a big difference in helping SICHREM continue in its pursuit of achieving human rights for all.

For more information about Celine’s efforts you can go to this facebook page:!/group.php?gid=117839321582429

Two of the 56 runners running for SICHREM