October 29, 2018

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SICHREM in collaboration with  St. Joseph’s College and Indian Social Institute , Bangalore organized a rally to commemorate the World Anti- Torture Day on June 26th, 2015. Fighting Impunity was the theme for the Anti- torture day campaign. An awareness skit and dance was performed by the students of St. Joseph’s college. The rally started   from St. Joseph’s college to Town hall,  rally ended with the ‘Candle Light Vigil’ at Town Hall  to show solidarity and support for all victims of torture. They were around 300 students participated in this event.



October 29, 2018

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SICHREM Protest against the High Court Order on Pascal Mazurier

October 29, 2018

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26th June UN international Day in support of victims of Torture

October 29, 2018

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26th June UN international Day in support of victims of Torture-Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading Treatment or Punishment (“CAT”)

26th June marks the UN International Day in Support of the Victims of Torture. It provides us with an opportunity to honour the victims and survivors of torture, and for us all, survivors of torture and their allies, to stand in solidarity. The Convention against Torture (CAT) adopted in 1984, came into effect on June 26th,1987,

Despite its prohibition, torture continues: both physical and psychological and is prevalent in over half the world’s countries. Instances of torture are not confined to police custody and interrogation situations. In a variety of other settings, particularly in the private sphere, the emotional and physical ordeal endured by women, harassed for dowry, subjected to sexual harassment and discrimination; young children forced into labor, subjected to verbal, physical and sexual abuse; the suffering of marginalized groups, the severe inhumane forms of atrocities on Dalits are some instances. This is a disgrace in the twenty-first century.

The aim of torture is to exert power, to punish, create fear, to destroy trust, to break down the victim’s personality and resilience. It is first and foremost a means of instilling fear in society at large. Torture is not only destructive at the individual and family level, but also a crucial obstacle to economic and social development.

The effects of torture continue long after the actual act. And rehabilitation is crucial – for the individual, their family and society. The purpose of rehabilitation is to empower the survivor to resume as full a life as possible. Rebuilding the life of someone whose dignity has been destroyed takes time and as a result long-term material, medical, psychological and social support is needed. It is important to stress that rehabilitation is possible. And it works. Rehabilitation is also a right.

As of 22nd June 2012, there are 150 State Parties, who have ratified CAT and 74 states are yet to ratify CAT – the Government of India has still not ratified (signed in October 1997).

Case against Kumarswamy Layout police.

October 29, 2018

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South India Cell for Human Rights Education and monitoring have lodged a case against Kumarswamy Layout Police for illegal detention and torture of the victim.

Petition to NHRC

July 17, 2013

A petition was sent to the Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission requesting the commission to dispose the final order on the long pending case of Human Rights Violations by the Joint Special Task Force operations in Karnataka and Tamilnadu during the hunt to nab Veerappan.

More than 1000 victim of human rights violations have yet to be addressed since the last order of the NHRC on 15th January 2007 recommending compensation for 89 victims of atrocities by the STF both in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. There has been a lot of disappointment on the part of the victims that the series of complaints pending before the NHRC have not been followed up for long with a final order. There are several other victims who had also cases registered against them, detained illegally for long and tortured and even raped. In spite of their acquittal most of them have not had any occasion to experience the intervention of the NHRC. !! But the police personnel from both the states were promoted, and given cash awards and sites. The police and the state have not been caring for the rights of these unfortunate souls. This will make them lose their belief in the rule of law that was brought to them by the action of the NHRC resulting in the interim order of 15th Jan 2007.

Meanwhile, the appointment of Mr. Shankar Bidari, who was the Commanding officer of STF during the time when all those atrocities were committed, as the DG and IGP of Karnataka about a month ago. Meanwhile, Mr.A.R.Infant, I.P.S whose seniority was over looked in the appointment raised the issue at the Central Administrative Tribunal. Mr Infant also raised the issue that the Sadashiva Panel Report and the involvement of Mr. Bidari in Human Rights Violations was not placed before the UPSC. Further, the Karnataka branch of the CAT disqualified the appointment of Mr Bidari to the post of DG & IGP in its order dated 16th March 2012.

Perhaps this is the first time an Administrative Tribunal in India setting aside a top level appointment in the Police Department on the grounds of allegations of Human Rights Violations.

Domestic Violence Poster

Domestic Violence Poster

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Mr. Shankar Bidari and the State government appealed to the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka against the CAT order, and the High Court of Karnataka upheld the CAT’s order and dismissed the petition. It should be noted that the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka described Mr Shankar Bidari as worse than Saddam Hussain or Gaddafi for alleged atrocities by STF led by him from 1993-94

The petition carried the following prays,

  1. The Hon’ble Commission once again takes up all these cases and passes orders with reference to the over 1000 victims who are yet to benefit by its careful attention;
  2. The Hon’ble Commission requests civil society organizations like PW-TN, SOCO Trust, SICHREM, Tamil Nadu Tribal Welfare Association, People’s Union for Civil Liberties TN and KAR(PUCL) and People’s Watch to provide it updated details on the victims in these pending complaints to ensure that all details with the victims are well established;
  3. The Hon’ble Commission takes immediate steps to further request both the state Governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to ensure that their promised compensation amounts of Rs. 5 Crores per state are paid and that this is properly further disposed of by the NHRC to the victims;
  4. That the Hon’ble Commission is further requested to ensure that criminal  prosecutions are recommended against the police officers to be initiated by the State Legal Services Authority of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu;
  5. That the Commission further recommends to the Governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to withdraw all the gallantry awards and rewards conferred on the STF personnel.
  6. That the Hon’ble Commission further recommends to the Governments of the Centre and the two states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to ensure that long term medical attention, particularly physiotherapy on a daily basis is, made available at state costs to each of the victims who deserve it as early as possible through civil society run rehabilitation measures that are being undertaken there.
  7. That the Hon’ble  Commission further recommends to the Governments of the Centre and the two states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to ensure that proper livelihood programs to ensure the right to life of each of the victims are undertaken urgently and on a war footing.

Complaint of Lalith Kumar’s harassment and assault driving him to commit suicide by the police personnel of Talaghattapura Police Station.

June 11, 2013

Dated: 4th June 2013



Additional Director General of Police,(ADGP)

Grievances and Human Rights,

Office of DG & IG of Police



Dear Sir,

Subject: Complaint of Lalith Kumar’s harassment and assault driving him to commit suicide by the police personnel of Talaghattapura Police Station.

The Bangalore Mirror dated Monday, June 03, 2013 reports that, V Lalith Kumar, a student of Silicon City Educational Academy Pre-University College near Konanakunte, ended his life last Tuesday by hanging from the ceiling of his house in JP Nagar, Phase VII around 4 pm. Earlier in the day, he was allegedly beaten up by Talaghattapura cops at a playground near his house. Later, a crime constable allegedly met Lalith at his house and threatened to arrest him. His mother was at home, father was away at work.

Lalith’s family is scared of the consequences of accusing the police of driving Lalith to commit suicide. The Ramanagaram SP, Ida Martin Marbaniang, has said that in February, Lalith’s friend Sushma had committed suicide and he was accused of abetting her suicide and her parents had registered a case against him and to inquire about the case crime constable Shravan Kumar had visited.

A relative has questioned, that even if a crime had been committed, police had no right to threaten him or beat him and also as he is a minor, they should have informed his family about the complaint and further stated that they abused their power against the boy. 

We file this complaint with a hope that a detailed enquiry into the whole matter is initiated;

  1. To look into the assault of Lalith Kumar resulting in the suicide,
  2. To immediately call for the suspension of the concerned officials pending enquiry.
  3. To also order for police protection to Lalith and family, so that there is no backlash from the policemen on whom allegations are being made.

Note: The undersigned has contacted Lalith’s family for a fact finding mission for recording the statements, the report would be filed with your good offices shortly.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,                                                                                                                      


Head – Programs