Boy alleges police torture

August 4, 2011

BANGALORE, August 4, 2011

TEEN’S TRAUMA: Justice S.R. Nayak, Chairperson, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission, visiting Ashok at the K.C. General Hospital in Bangalore on Wednesday.

The Karnataka State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) has ordered an inquiry into the alleged torture of a 17-year-old boy by the Inspector and Sub-Inspector of Mahalakshmi Layout Police Station.

According to a complaint filed by the victim’s father with the KSHRC on Tuesday, Ashok was brutally “beaten up by Police Inspector Anil Kumar and Sub-Inspector Patil in the early hours of July 26, when they picked him up for interrogation”.

Picked up

“The Mahalakshmi Layout police had picked up the boy to question him about two men, Kulli and Mani,” said Justice S.R. Nayak, KSHRC Chairperson. “When they didn’t get details of their whereabouts, the two took him to an isolated location and thrashed him on his knees and leg.”


“The boy was made to sign on a blank piece of paper, which the police used to file an FIR against Kulli and Mani,” said Prakash Kariappa of the South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring (SICHREM), who is closely following the case.

Multiple fractures

On Wednesday, a KSHRC team visited the hospital where Ashok is being treated for multiple leg fractures. The KSHRC, which is inquiring into the case, was in the process of obtaining the statements of the policemen allegedly involved in the case, said Justice Nayak. However, Mahalakshmi Layout police denied torture.

“Ashok has had cases against him in the police station for assault and theft, among other things. That night, he was attacked by Kulli and Mani, and we think gang rivalry was involved. We took him to the hospital where he and his family told the KSHRC the inspector beat him up,” said a source at the station.



Notice issued by SHRC in custodial case

July 3, 2010

SICHREM’s complaint about the custodial death of Mr Lokesh has prompted the SHRC to send notice to the DGP the IGP and the IGP in the Human Rights Commission for report within 6 weeks.

See below for further details:

Complaint to SHRC concerning police caning of striking teachers

July 2, 2010

SICHREM have lodged a complaint with the SHRC following reports that police caned members of the Unemployed Physical Education Teachers’ Association who were protesting Banappa Park.

Their protest was to draw attention to Government indifference in appointing physical trainers, drawing and music teachers to the existing 41,000 vacant positions in various government schools across the State.

The protestors threatened that they would commit suicide if action were not taken by Tuesday by the Education Department. It understood that a few members at the protest consumed pesticide.

It is learnt, that, the Halasuru Gate police resorted to lathicharge to bring the situation under control after some of them attempted to commit suicide and more tried to follow suit.

Photographs in the press show the extent of police brutality with the lathi marks evident on the protestors. The use of the cane should have been replaced with other more humane methods of crowd control. It was a clear breach of the UN’ Basic Use of Force and Firearms.

To read the complaint: comp of striking teachers assult BLR 1 July 2010[1]

Tortrure and abuse by police personnel of Robertsonpet Police Station & Jailors of Kolar District.

June 2, 2010

SICHREM are investigating reports of brutality inflicted on Mr Nava Kumar a member of a scheduled caste.

 The allegations concern brutality and torture committed by police officers of Robertsonpet Police station, an assault by a Jailor in Kolar district and apparent inaction by the Judge who remanded Mr Kumar, but failed to monitor his situation appropriately.

Naturally, we take these allegations very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation. We have filed a compliant with the State Human Rights Commission.

Read the complaint filed with the SHRC: comp of torture Nava Kumar KOL 2 June 2010[1]

The wound certificate issued by doctors:

Move or we will shoot: forcible displacement and police brutality in Orissa.

May 20, 2010

On May 12, 2010, police lathi charged and fired on 300 villagers who refused to be evicted from their homes in Chandia, Kalinganagar. One person was killed and about thirty were injured-some critically. The purpose of the police operation was to clear land for the proposed Tata Iron and Steel project. This project will displace upto 20,000 people and effect upto 1 lakh more.

On May 15, 2010, police lathi charged, tear gassed and fired on protestors who refused to be forcefully evicted by the State in Balithutta, Jagatsinghpur. Again this was motivated by commercial considerations. This time it was the POSCO steel plant project which will displace at least 40,000 people, largely from the forest lands that the State Government is trying to illegally clear for this development project.


· Whose interests does the State represent?
· What/who endows the State the power to carry out horrific acts of violence against the people it is supposed to protect?


· Withdraw all police forces from the areas of civil occupancy
· Give immediate medical attention for the injured
· Give financial compensation to those killed and injured
· Initiate a judicial inquiry into these two incidences
· File criminal charges against the authorities that ordered these police attacks and ensure their immediate removal from official responsibilities.
· The withdrawal of TATA and POSCO projects from Orissa and any other areas of the country where the costs of a project have become indefensible in terms of the loss of lives, freedom and democratic choice.

NO LONGER must we tolerate the criminal behaviour of the State machinery who act in the interests of major corporations while trampling on citizens civil liberties.

Protestors, organised by the Campaign for Justice and Peace (Karnataka), show opposition to the proposed POSCO project

SICHREM fights police brutality

May 5, 2010

In the last couple of weeks, SICHREM has (unfortunately) submitted further complaints to the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission concerning police brutality.

The first complain concerned the torture  of A. Babu, a member of a Scheduled Caste by police personnel of Marikuppam Police Station, Kolar District.  See below for some particularly disturbing photos of A. Babu.

The second complaint related to the custodial death of Mahadev at The Bangalore Central Prison.

You can read SICHREM’s written complaints here:

comp of JD Mahadeva BLR April 23 2010

comp of torture babu KOL 23 April 2010

Police brutality continuing…

April 23, 2010

(Image taken from Deccan Chronicle)

SICHREM lodged another complaint with the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission regarding a case of alleged police brutality.

25-year-old J. Naveen and his friend were on their way home on April 11 evening when they were approached by two police constables and forced to pay a bribe of Rs 3,700.  The following day, Naveen returned to the station to speak to the Inspector about the bribery.

The following week, Naveen alleged that he was called to the Jalahalli police station about two of his friends being picked up.  As soon as Naveen entered the station, Naveen was beaten up by the police.