Sichrem’s views on Juvenile homes published in DeccanChronicle on 8th June 2017

June 9, 2017

SICHREM in Media


Ms. Margaret Sampath, the Deputy Director at SICHREM, handled a session on Human Rights for the employees of Vidhana Soudha on 31st May 2017

June 1, 2017

Mr. Mathews Philip, Executive Director was invited by KSCPCR to be a member of the consultation committee to help redraft their rules in order to empower it to deliver its role and responsibility as a statutory and an independent body in the interest of the protection of Child Rights. And Mr. Mathews Philip attended the first meeting of the Committee held today i.e. Wednesday 31st May 2017 at 11.30 a.m. at the Office of the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

June 1, 2017


Ms. Margaret Sampath, Deputy Director , SICHREM handled a session on Human Rights for the Forest Officials at the Forest Department Training Centre at Kadugodi,Bangalore on May 30th, 2017.

May 31, 2017


Mr. Mathews Philip, Executive Director, SICHREM handled a session on Human Rights for participants of School of Politcs at Ecumenical Christian Centre -ECC Bangalore on 24th May, 2017.

May 30, 2017


Group photo of the particpants of School of Politcs at ECC Bangalore.

Silence Never Won Rights

May 23, 2017

Silence can be interpreted in two ways, either as acceptance or indifference and both these forms of silence are dangerous and hinders our growth. SICHREM ran the TCS marathon fighting against this laid back attitude towards the injustice that plague many. Keeping in mind that ‘silence never won rights’ it ran for a cause that demanded its attention.

We had runners of different professions come together this Sunday at Kanteerva Stadium Bangalore. Runners like Don Bosco and his son Brendin participated in this race and have testified about how encouraged and enlightened they felt fighting this battle to educate people about human rights. Awareness of the injustice needs to reach people and that could only be achieved through SICHREM. Thus to them taking part is a must because they refuse to accept the reality as it is.

We also had Mercy and Arana who ran for SICHREM and had similar opinions that human rights is a vast area and often gets ignored thus this silence has become nerve wrecking and tiresome and hence it’s a must to shout out. Be it the Nirbhayas in our nation who get raped and abused , be it the dalits who have been victims to discrimination and prejudice, be it the northeast who often are side-lined by the mainstream media, we need to find ways to educate people about the rights they deserve and the rights that are often refused.

Hence it’s of utmost importance for us to make noise, after all we are a nation that fought for our freedom through words of objection.

“First they came for the socialist and I did not speak out

  Because I was not a socialist

  Then they came for the trade Unionist and I did not speak out

  Because I was not a trade Unionist

 Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out

  Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me

And there was no one left to speak for me

Martin Niemoller


Human Rights Mobile Clinic on May 10th, 2017 at R.S Palya slum.

May 12, 2017

SICHREM  organised Mobile Human Rights Legal Clinic at R.S Palya Slum,Bangalore on 10th May ,2017. There were about 20 participants and 15 cases were handled at the clinic. Most of the cases were related to Domestic Violence,  Birth Certificate  & property issues. Adv. Eunice Mercy &  Adv. Shashikala gave legal counseling to the victims.LEGAL climinc