Complaint on Judicial Death of Venkatesh

July 25, 2012
Shri. R.H.Raddi
Honorable Member 
Karnataka State Human Rights Commission
4th Floor, 5th Phase, M.S.Building,
Bangalore- 560001                                           
Dear Sir,

Subject: Complaint of judicial death of Venkatesh, 45years at Sakleshpura Jail in Hassan District.

The Kannada Daily, Kannada Prabha among other papers dated 20th July 2012, report in their columns regarding the suspicious death of Venkatesh aged 45year old resident of Chowalli Village of Sakleshpura taluk while in judicial custody in Sakleshpura jail .He was arrested for the offence of murder.  On Friday morning when the jail inmates were let out for breakfast it was found that he had committed suicide using a bed sheet in the toilet.

The jailor, Mr. Nazir Ahmed has informed the family members in the morning that Venkatesh was admitted to the hospital for having chest pain and when they rushed to the hospital they were being told that it was suicide. The family members have urged for proper investigation into the death of Venkatesh

We file this complaint for a detailed enquiry into the whole matter, to look into the circumstances involving the death of Mr. Venkatesh since, the reasons mentioned by the jail authorities needs to be questioned and probed especially to inquire;

  1. To look into the exact causes of the death,
  2. To look into the records of the jail hospital and Crawford hospital for the timings and matching it with the time of informing the family and the time when he was brought to the hospital among others.
  3. To  inquire further if the procedures and guidelines laid down by the NHRC in its letter No.66/SG/NHRC/93 dated 14 December 1993 on reporting custodial deaths and also with reference to the letter vide No 40/3/95/LD dated 21 June 1995 has been adhered &d followed ?
  4. To inquire, if the guidelines laid by the NHRC, as per the letter addressed by the Chairperson to the Chief ministers vide letter dated 10th August, 1995 on the video filming of post-mortem examinations in cases of custodial deaths has been followed?
  5. To also inquire, if the guidelines laid down by the NHRC, as per the letter addressed by the Chairperson to the Chief Ministers vide letter No.NHRC/ID/PM/96/57 dated 27th March 1997.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,

Head – Programs